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Cover Letter

You have found the perfect position, something that really interests you. It is time to prepare your cover letter for it.

Cover letters are designed to do one thing: summarize why you are the person for the job. To do that effectively, there are several steps that you should follow. The most important of these is to keep your cover letter SHORT, SIMPLE and SPECIFIC.  Ideally, you should tailor your cover letter to the position you are applying for – highlighting the skills, experience and knowledge that you would bring both to the position and to the organization.  Do your homework; find out what the company does and what makes them unique.  Then build a letter showing how YOU are unique and a good fit for them.  Here are some pointers:

  • Before you begin writing, think about two things: what you can do and what the company wants from the position. 
  • Address your letter to a specific person. If the ad doesn’t list a contact name, call the company or do some research to find out who is in charge of hiring for that position.  Include the job title and reference number if possible.
  • Get to the point. If your cover letter is more than one page long, do some editing. Employers often use cover letters as a way to evaluate your ability to present your ideas in a concise, logical manner.
  • Present your abilities in a positive light, but be careful about bragging. "I know I’m the perfect person for this job" is not going to convince anyone to hire you. Detail your experience which is relevant to the position.
  • Always check your grammar, punctuation and spelling – especially for names and titles. Attention to detail is one of the qualities that all employers look for.
  • Request an interview with the company, indicating your availability and best method of contact.
  • Keep in mind that the cover letter is often the LAST item read by an employer if there are hundreds of responses to qualify.  Be sure your relevant points and experience are also clearly stated in your resume.